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Loreto Around The World

Did you know that there are 176 Loreto schools in 12 countries on 6 continents 70,000 Loreto students worldwide 3,500 teachers in Loreto schools 1,400 support staff employed in Loreto schools?


When you join a Loreto educational establishment, whether as a member of staff or as a student, you join an organisation which has an outstanding pedagogical tradition, rooted in the Gospel values of Freedom, Sincerity and Justice. It is an organisation founded as a result of the pioneering vision of one ordinary woman who instructed her students to do ordinary things well. It is also an organisation which is international.

Mary Ward was a visionary with an unwavering belief in the power of education in preparing a woman to contribute to the Church and the world. For over 400 years her followers have continued to be captured by her vision, and today her legacy is spread across the world. Loreto schools are to be found on all continents from the densely over-populated cities of Kolkata and Lima to the remote areas of Sudan and Ghana. The education offered moves from three-year-old children in Australia & South Africa to university students in Toronto. Loreto education reaches out beyond boundaries to include young people of all cultures, faiths and social classes. There are currently two congregations who look to Mary Ward as a founder – the Congregation of Jesus (CJ) and the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM) Loreto. 


In the 21st Century, these two congregations are actively involved in ministries in every continent and predominantly in education. In South Africa, we have three schools with almost 1480 learners.

  • Loreto Convent Nana Sita - first established Loreto School in South Africa. Classes from Gr R-3 (Boys and Girls) and Gr 4-12 (Girls only). An independent subsidized school.

  • Loreto Primary Strand - Classes from Gr R-7. Co-ed. A public school on private property.

  • Loreto School Queenswood - Classes from Gr 000-7. Co-ed. An independent non-subsidized school.

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