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The crest is the badge is the badge worn by all students of Loreto Schools throughout the world. The design Includes four Symbols.

The Loreto School Queenswood Motto "Maria Regina Angelorum" is a Latin phrase meaning "Mary Queen of Angels".

"Mary Queen Of Angeles" tittle reminds those who wear it of the protective presence of Mary, it is a token of her qualities of courtesy, thought and concern for others.

At the bottom of the crest are the words "Cruci Dum Spiro Fido" which is a Latin phrase that reads: "Throughout my life I shall place my hope in the Cross of Jesus"

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The Cross

The Cross is a sign of our faith, the emblem of salvation

The Heart Of Jesus

Symbolises his personal love for each of us.

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The Heart Of Mary

The heart of Mary is pierced by a sword, as we read in St. Lukes Gospel.

Because she experienced suffering with and for Christ, she understands our need when we turn to her for help. This symbol depicts her courage as a guide for us.

The Anchor

The Anchor is a sign of hope, the special virtue of youth. It should inspire us with courage and nobility in meeting the challenges of daily life, as well as the big decision about our career and vocation.

The virtue of hope anchors our lives in God's care.

The anchor encourages us to put our trust in God.

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