Welcome to our Primary


Primary is from Grade 1 to Grade 7

Loreto School Queenswood is an environment that inspires children to be happy, confident, and carefree. We are a Co-ed School.

Each child, in all grades, is encouraged to discover their different talents, through the nurturing of our teachers, art, music, and the interaction with other schools.

We stand out amongst the rest, in our approach to sports and extra-mural activities. All learners are encouraged to try different types of sports and although winning is important, we place the importance on being part of a team rather than just winning and thus we foster a spirit of comradery and a sense of family.

Our learners are taught about the Catholic faith, social interaction and academic excellence in an environment that is encouraging and nurturing.

We do not see numbers but personalities and characters that need to be guided.

Our Foundress Mary Ward believed that every child has the right to experience Joy, be guided by the Truth and have the Freedom to discover their skills and talents and be given the Choice to choose their path in life. She also wanted to create an environment that teaches Justice, Honor and Sincerity.

Loreto Queenswood School learners are taught to respect their peers, their belongings, and their environment.

Teachers, Parents, and the Community work together to ensure that all learners receive nothing but the best. We create memorable life lessons that your child will carry long after they have left our school.


Culture  and Music

In the last few years, we have even added the label of “international travellers” to our name through our choir, which has been making a name for themselves in Gauteng. The choir is about friendships, teamwork, and commitment to the craft. We have won several school choir competitions and we are immensely proud of what the choir has accomplished thus far.