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Pre-primary & Primary

Loreto School Queenswood Logo and crest
Three cheerful girls, beaming with smiles and radiating happiness, are wearing Loreto Queenswood Primary school uniforms.

Your child's primary school quality education starts here!

2025 Applications Are Open!

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Providing Quality Education    Since  1976
-Pre-school and Primary school-

Welcome to Loreto Queenswood Primary School

Situated in the Moot area, in Queenswood, Loreto School Queenswood is an Independent Catholic

Pre-primary and Primary School for both girls and boys.

As one of the leading English Primary Schools in Pretoria, we take pride in educating children from

Grade RRR (000) up to Grade 7.

We provide a warm and welcoming environment for all our pupils, from all walks of life.

When your child enrolls at Loreto School Queenswood, you can be assured that your child is seen as more than just a number; they are seen as a unique individual with needs as special as they are. 

We believe in providing a nurturing and personalized learning environment where each student's distinct talents and requirements are not just acknowledged but celebrated.

Join us on an educational journey where faith, academic excellence, and values-based education go hand in hand.


Grade RRR to Grade 7

Quality   Private Education for Preschool and Primary school!

Est. 1976

A school principal is surrounded by a group of happy first-grade kids, smiling at the camera. Queenswood Primary Schools

Why Choose LSQ?

Our small class sizes enables us to foster a wonderful interaction between learners and educators.

Loreto School Queenswood is the ideal place for parents who are looking for a place where their children will be loved and challenged, rather than getting lost in the crowd.

The atmosphere at Loreto School Queenswood is Christ-centred and life giving.

Learners are challenged to grow both intellectually and spiritually.

Loreto children sense a balance between high standards and grace and are encouraged to love their studies and find delight in God’s creation and all who live in it.

Our motto is “We Grow Children for Life”.

"We Grow Children For Life"

This is done by instilling our core values of justice, freedom, sincerity, truth, and joy and offering each child the opportunity to grow into the best version of themselves.

We offer a holistic and person-centred education in developing their faith and educating them for wisdom.

 At Loreto School Queenswood we encourage participation and celebration, leadership development and formation and inclusivity.

We embrace all.

We encourage our learners to strive for personal excellence and instil in them a commitment to being “Agents of Social Change”.

~Mr. Marcello Pallozzi

LSQ Values

Loreto schools world wide seek to provide a primary school education that affirms the inherent worth of every human being created in God’s image, and fosters the holistic development of each child that attends Loreto schools. As a Catholic values-based pre-primary and primary school, we hold ourselves to a high standard of ethical conduct. Our code of ethics is based on the values of  joy ,verity, sincerity, freedom and justice. These values form the foundation of our efforts to create an environment that encourages children to learn, to be creative and be playful.








"Do your best and God will help"

~Mary Ward~Foundress.

We are blessed to have a community of teachers, parents and kids who give their efforts generously and sincely, for the greater good of our community.

"...Loreto schools offer a Catholic education which liberates, empowers and motivates students to use their individual gifts with confidence, creativity and generosity in loving and responsible service..."




Since 1976

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