“Values aren’t buses. They are not supposed to get you anywhere. They are supposed to define who you are”~ Jennifer Crusie


By choosing to have your child educated at Loreto School Queenswood you are subscribing to a set of ethical and timeless values that is at the core of our education. This includes an acceptance and appreciation of the diversity that makes our Rainbow Nation so special.

At Loreto School Queenswood one sees that children, parents as well as staff, abide by our Gospel Values that form the heart of daily education. As one Loreto girl replied when asked what the word “Values” means to her, her insightful response was, “It is just the way we do things at Loreto”.

We do not merely teach subjects, we teach values. Values are taught formally in school assembly homilies, during routine lessons and across the curriculum.

Prayer too forms an integral part of the school. Each morning at Loreto the staff pray together before school, the staff then pray with the learners before their school day begins, before lunchtime and at 10 o’clock when the chapel bell rings, we start our examen.

Then there are those magical unscripted moments to nurture values in the classroom as well as during extramural activities and through our outreach programmes. These are gifted times to make compassion, humility, kindness, perseverance and so many other values really come alive.

I received the following email from Gladys Botha, a Loreto Queenswood grandparent to Adam Prinsloo who in 2015 was a Grade 4 learner at our school:

On Sunday, 3 May 2015 we went as a family to the Botanical Gardens, Adam had three of his dragon figurines with him. We sat down at our picnic spot and a young boy around 7 years of age approached us to come and look at Adam’s dragons. He also had one of these dragon figurines in his hand.

My daughter Jenni and I asked him if he wanted to show his dragon. He started to speak with utterances and sounds that made no sense. As the boy spoke, Adam without being prompted to do so, took his dragon and made the same sounds as well, responding to the young friend. Adam then took his dragon and ran off making sounds and the young boy followed him also making sounds. We watched them and saw Adam speaking to him and we were amazed that he so easily accepted this young boy who was not at all the same as him.


Another boy also joined them for a while, and they ran up and down with their dragon figurines enjoying each other’s company. Adam seemed very comfortable, chatting, and playing with the boy.

Eventually, the dad of this boy came over and shared with my daughter and I, that his son had autism and severe learning problems. He said: “This is huge for my son to be accepted here and to play with a friend because of his problems and the fact that he cannot communicate well with others. He is in a special school at Lesedi where he gets one on one attention.”

“For me” says Gladys Botha, “This was a resurrection moment where you see Christ in this situation, where someone is accepted no matter their problems or the way in which they speak or act”.

I conclude with a quote from Jennifer Crusie, “Values aren’t buses. They are not supposed to get you anywhere. They are supposed to define who you are”.

Values-based education defines Loreto School Queenswood. 


Marcello Pallozzi
Head of School


History and Traditions

The school has occupied its premises in Queenswood since 1976, with extensive renovations being carried out in 1999.

The history of the educational tradition dates to the 17Th   century when Mary Ward founded the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM) in St Omer, Flanders. The rule of this institute was followed by Mother Theresa Ball, who began her educational work in Ireland in the early 19th century, although she named her first “house“ after the Shrine of Loreto in Italy.

In 1878, a company of sisters of the IBVM opened a Loreto Convent School in Skinner Street, Pretoria, which was the first school in the Transvaal to offer secondary education. A second Loreto school was opened 45 years later in Hillcrest and this became the first “open school “in South Africa when a girl of colour was enrolled in 1971. 

To accommodate the development of the University of Pretoria, the Hillcrest school relocated in 1976. Loreto Sisters took over Queenshill Convent which had been run by the Precious Blood Sisters as a primary school, built a high school block and called themselves Loreto Convent Queenswood. It catered for learners from Grade 1 to Grade 12. In 1983, a new pre-primary building was constructed, and learners were enrolled from the age of 3 years. By 1993, circumstances made it necessary for the Sisters to move from the “convent on the hill “to the house in Luttig Street. The high school was closed, and the school became co-educational. It was, again, renamed Loreto School Queenswood.


The Catholic Schools’ Trust together with the Loreto Sisters remain the owners of the school and are represented on the Board of Governors. They continue to guide the operations of the school.

Loreto School Queenswood is located in the leafy and family-orientated city of Pretoria, Gauteng. We believe that each child has the right to experience Joy, be guided by Truth and have the Freedom to discover their skills and talents and the choice to choose their path in life.

We always strive to create an environment that teaches Justice and Honour and encourages Sincerity.

Loreto School Queenswood learners are taught to Respect their peers, their belongings, and their environment.

Our school is built on the Mary Ward values, which have been guiding us in leading these young minds.

                                                                 Are Values being: Joy. Truth. Freedom. Justice. Sincerity and Respect.

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