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Aftercare @LSQ

Our Mission @ Aftercare

Welcome to our Aftercare Centre, where we prioritize the safety and well-being of all enrolled learners. For parents who may not be available immediately after regular school hours or extramurals, our center offers a secure environment until their child/children can be collected by parents, guardians, or arranged transportation.

We extend our aftercare services inclusively to learners in Grades RRR, RR, R, and 1. For Grades 2 to Grade 7, aftercare is available at an additional cost. Additionally, we offer the convenience of on-site food options through our tuckshop facility, with meals available at an extra charge. At our Aftercare Centre, we strive to create a nurturing environment where every child feels safe, supported, and engaged. 

Aftercare Forms

How to Apply for Aftercare?

Contact Admissions Office, Tania Auret:

When is Aftercare Available?

School Hours

Monday - Friday


Extramural Hours

Monday - Friday



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