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Grade 1 Learners In Class, Learning Through Play.


Welcome to Our Fees and Admissions Page

Thank you for visiting our Fees and Admissions page. Here, you will find detailed information about our fee structure for the year 2024, covering Grades RRR (3-4 years old), RR (4-5 years old), R, and Grade 1 up to Grade 7. We aim to provide, as a prospective parent, a clear understanding of our fees to help you make an informed decision about your child's education.

Grade 1 Applications, Learning Through Play.

2024 Fees

*Terms + Conditions Apply
School Fees For Loreto Queenswood Primar
Schedule of Fees

Ready to Apply?

3 Ways:

  • Apply Online

  • Download Forms

  • Or Pop us a visit by booking a tour and then completing the forms

Admissions Criteria

Criteria for Admission

  • Admission is based on availability.

  • Learners enrolling for Grade RRR, RR and R are not required to do a readiness test.

  • A learner who turns 7 in a specific year must be admitted into Grade 1. Should a learner who turns 7 not be ready for Grade 1, he/she must go for an assessment by an educational psychologist.

  • Should a learner turn 6 before 30 June, such a learner may be admitted to Grade 1 only if he/she is school ready. Note that according to SASA the onus is upon the parent to prove school readiness, however, learners who are turning 7 must get preference over any learner turning 6 before 30 June.

  • Learners enrolled in Grade R  at Loreto School Queenswood will get first preference in their Grade 1 year over outside applications.

  • Applicants that have siblings at the school, one or both parents who were past learners of the school and/or who are Catholic, will be given preference when being considered for admission.

  • Thereafter, the applicants who meet the criteria will be placed on a first come first served basis i.e. those applications which are received first, will be processed first. The application which cannot be accepted dure to lack of availability, will be place on a waiting list in order of date of application.

Admission is conditional upon:

  • The ability to pay school fees, levies and the necessary deposits.

  • The testing results (Grade 1- Grade 7 only).

  • The agreement to submit to the school’s Code of Conduct and;

  • The agreement to submit to our Ethos and religious character.

  • Where a learner is 2 (two) years or more above the cohort age, the principal will decide on the admission of a learner.

  • Applicants who are not South African citizens, must provide a valid study permit.

  • Persons who are not South African citizens must, when applying for admission for their child/ren, show evidence that they have a valid work permit to work in South Africa. On acceptance of their child/ren at Loreto, they must then apply for the necessary study permit(s).

  • Where documentation is not available with regards to non-South African citizens, the child/ren may be admitted to the school on condition that the parent(s) submit the required documentation to the school within 3 (three) months.

  • Loreto school Queenswood has no predetermined feeder zones.

Outline of Admission Procedure

  • Parent to complete an application form which must be accompanied by all supporting documents as requested in point 3. Documents to accompany application. Parents may either email the documents to or hand in the completed documentation to our admissions secretary Tania Auret at our administrative office. Please note that incomplete documentation will cause a delay in the application process.

  • A testing fee of R200 needs to be paid in cash on submission of application.

  • All learners applying for Grade R to 7 will be required to write an entrance test.

  • A full report as to the findings of the entrance test will be sent to the parent by our school psychologist. An acceptance letter will be sent out to those parents whose children have been accepted into our school.

  • Parents are required to pay the necessary deposits, in order to secure the space for the learner.

  • Once payments have been received further documentation regarding the academic year will be forwarded to parents. 

Documents to accompany application: 

  • ID document of Mother

  • ID document of Father

  • Birth certificate of the child

  • 2 ID size photographs of child

  • Loreto School Queenswood Admission Agreement

  • Loreto School Queenswood Agreement & Indemnity to abide by our Cellphone and Electronic Device Policy 

  • Media Permission Form

  • Indemnity Form

  • Copy of the child’s most recent report from the previous school attended

  • Private and Confidential Report from previous school attended to be emailed to Loreto School Queenswood

  • Non-SA resident – Copies of Permit & Passport

  • Transfer card from previous school attended

  • Copy of Baptismal Certificate (Catholics only)

  • Infant vaccination card (i.e. measles, mumps, chickenpox etc.)

  • Recent salary advice and 3 months bank statements

  • Financial clearance from previous school attended

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