At Loreto School Queenswood (LSQ), Autumn has been synonymous with the LSQ Big Walk, for as long as we can remember.

…And, every time, as if by magic or God's Grace, our Big Walk days are always just warm enough for the event, and for friends and family to gather!

Everyday Ordinary Heroes!

The Loreto School Queenswood (LSQ), Big Walk is an annual event, a fundraising event that is held in Autumn.

For two years, the Covid19 Pandemic paused the event. But this year, the Covid19 restrictions were eased, this meant that the event could be held again.

The Big Walk usually involves a theme and costumes, but no matter what one wears, the outcome has been the same: Fun in the Autumn sun, with friends, family and the LSQ Community, which involves LSQ Alumni, creches around the Moot area, sponsors, and suppliers.

This year, the event was extra special because the school decided on the theme: Everyday Ordinary Heroes!

LSQ chose the theme of everyday ordinary heroes to celebrate the people in our community, that dedicate their lives to helping those in need.

We invited our local fire and rescue team to showcase their cars, and spend some time with the learners and their famalies.

We were also joined by:

The South African Blood Bank

Wollies animal project


Reach For A Dream

Pro Med Emergency Medical Services

We asked a few people who their everyday ordinary hero were, this is what they had to say:

To a teacher, an ordinary Hero is a mother.

To a mom, an ordinary Hero is a teacher.

To Charity organisations, a Hero is people that donate or contribute their time.

We are thankful for the opportunity to get together again, everyone was in good spirits, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Thank you. Re ya leboga. Dankie. Sante...To everyone that made the day wonderful.

~LSQ community, family, friends, teachers, learners, and volunteers~


The Big Walk Moments In Pictures

The South African Blood Bank

The South African Blood Bank

Wollies animal project

Wollies animal project

Wollies animal project

The crew from Innesdale Fire Station

Mommy and daughter ~Yes Unicorns are Heroes Too!

The Big Walk Start~Fresh Morning Breeze

Smiles and Laughter is what made the day memorable

Smiles and Laughter is what made the day memorable~Gr 7s

Smiles and Laughter is what made the day memorable~Forever Friendships~ Jnr Primary

Our Everyday, Everyday Heroes~Our Loving Teachers!!!

City of Tshwane Emergency Services~Everyday Heroes

Pictures by and Mr. Visser

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