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The Benefits of Homework

Updated: Apr 25

As we kick off the second term, let's discuss something that's part of almost every household's daily routine: homework. It's like that side dish at dinner – sometimes enjoyable, sometimes not so much. But as we all know, it is there for a reason.

For the month of April, we would like to explore the benefits of homework. Yes, it can be a headache, especially if you have a child who'd rather do everything else. But guess what? Homework isn’t about finishing up what the teacher started in class; it's like a mini boot camp for life skills. Think:

• Time management skills

• Setting up priorities

• And taking charge of one’s own learning skills

Plus, did you know, doing homework together with your child can improve parental relationships and problem-solving skills and it encourages responsibility.

The age-old question by parents…What to do if your child refuses to do homework?

Here are some real-life tips:

1. Stay Calm: Easier said than done, we know. But keeping your cool sets the tone for a productive discussion.

2. Set Clear Expectations: Make it clear when homework time is and who’s responsible for doing what.

3. Stick to Routine: Identify a time that suits everyone and adhere to it consistently. Consistency is essential for establishing homework as a regular practice

4. Factor in Small Breaks, Guide, and Monitor your Child: Offer help when needed, but don’t hover. Trust your child to figure things out for themselves.

5. Pick the Right Parent or Family Member for the Job: Choose the one who can keep their cool while still laying down the law.

6. Offer Empathy and Support: Understand where your child is coming from and offer support, not criticism.

7. Use Positive Reinforcement and Incentives: A little praise goes a long way. Celebrate small victories and offer incentives to keep the motivation flowing.


As we tackle the homework mountain together, remember it is not always smooth sailing, but every bump in the road is a chance to learn and grow. With a little patience and a whole lot of teamwork, together we will master the mindset shift regarding homework negativity and set our children up for success—one assignment at a time.

A Quote by Dr. Seuss

Written By: Mr. Marcello Pallozzi

Edited By: Thabs Nyamane

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