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LSQ Narrative: Striking a Harmonious Chord-Reflecting on a Year of Balance and Service

As we stand at the end of this academic year, it's time to pause and reflect on the

guiding principle that has shaped our journey throughout: "Balance."


This theme, "Balance" has been the North Star, illuminating the path towards a more fulfilled and meaningful life, encompassing equilibrium in justice, needs, desires, relationships, and our coexistence with the world around us.

From the very beginning of the school year, we set out to instil in our learners the

vital importance of creating a holistic life. We emphasized the need to strike a

balance in various aspects of life - academics, extracurricular activities, personal

growth, and relationships. We conveyed the message that a well-rounded life is key

to overall happiness and success.

Children and a teacher planting a tree for arbor day

Living in harmony with others and creation.

We want to encourage our learners and our community to reflect on the past year.

One of the fundamental aspects of balance we explored was the concept of justice.

We encouraged our learners to reflect upon and advocate for fairness and equity,

emphasizing that a balanced society is one where everyone has equal opportunities

and rights. The scales of justice were painted vividly before them, urging them to

contribute to a world where fairness prevails.

Balancing needs and desires was another critical aspect of our focus. We guided our

students to identify their essential needs, aspirations, and desires, teaching them to

harmonize these elements in a way that nurtures personal growth while remaining

grounded and responsible. We believe this understanding fosters contentment and

purposeful living.

Living in harmony with others and creation emerged as a core principle in our pursuit

of balance. We encouraged students to build empathetic relationships, to understand

diverse perspectives, and to coexist in peace with the environment. This holistic

approach is essential for nurturing a generation that respects and cares for each

other and the world we share.

Our goal? We aimed to instil and inspire our children to serve others and to leave a positive mark in the world!

Lastly, our ultimate goal this year was to inspire our learners to enter our school to

learn and leave to serve. We aimed to instil a sense of duty and responsibility

towards society within them. We encouraged them to apply the knowledge and skills

gained within our school for the greater good, emphasizing that a fulfilling life is one

that serves others and leaves a positive mark on the world.

Looking back, it is heartening to witness the profound impact of our collective focus

on balance. The students have internalized these values, and we see them applying

them in their daily lives. We have faith that they will continue to carry this torch of

balance and service forward, positively influencing the world they inhabit. This year

has been a testimony to the transformative power of balance, setting a solid

foundation for the learners to thrive as compassionate and responsible global

citizens. We Grow Children for Life!

Author: Wendy Freitas

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