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LSQ Narrative~Is Catholic Primary School Education still relevant In The 21st Century?

Updated: Apr 11, 2023



The Loreto Schools were established by our Foundress, Mary Ward, with the vision to provide quality education to women and girl children.

Mary Ward was a pioneer, an activist for the education of girls, a believer in the Catholic faith and a woman with a spirit of compassion, love, and a strong sense of justice and integrity.

Mary Ward embodied the values of justice, joy, truth, freedom, and sincerity - which in turn would become the values of Loreto Education worldwide.


What do Loreto’s Values represent

  • Being part of a community

  • The responsibility to ensure that our community and learners are in an environment that advocates for the freedom to be themselves, without judgement or prosecution

  • A strong sense of integrity, in all that we do

  • The passion to act with justice in all that we do, within our daily lives

  • To have an attitude of truth

  • We are privileged to be custodians of Loreto’s heritage. Mary Ward and her fellow travellers wished to make a change in their society in order to create a fair and just world for all women. Change for women, by women.


This brings us to the point: …Why Loreto Education and why Loreto School Queenswood?


Our legacy is not just to teach girl children, but to provide education for ALL children.

We seek to educate each learner that is entrusted into our care using the Loreto values, Mary Ward's legacy to us, as the foundation for the education of all children. We wish to plant the seeds of the Loreto Values in each child that crosses our path, so that the Loreto Values will become second nature to them. To help them grow with a values-based foundation - a foundation that will stand them in good stead. To instil within them the spirit of change makers, not only in all their endeavours but wherever life plants them.

Why Catholic Education?

We believe that a faith centered curriculum helps a child to develop holistically. Faith nourishes and grows a child physically (through play), mentally (through education) and socially (through acts of kindness). Furthermore, it builds a child’s spiritual core through moments spent in silence, which allows them to speak and listen to God’s voice. Faith allows a child to grow spiritually through prayer.

Religion affords a child with numerous lessons, as it educates them to always remember to be of service to others, their community and their family. It reminds them to be committed to the causes that they feel strongly about, to dedicate their lives to their faith and reminds them to be self-disciplined.

So yes, Catholic Education is still relevant in the 21st Century and Loreto School Queenswood is the perfect place for your child/children to learn about good values, the Christian faith, and education through play. It is because of our legacy, which has been gifted to us, that we are able to be the vessels through which future generations will be educated. Minds and citizens of both South Africa and the world will inherit this gift and this opportunity then will become our legacy to the future from the present.

In today’s world, many deem the way we teach as “old school” and perhaps a bit outdated because we do not focus 100% on technology. But truth be told… play, love, faith, kindness and being of service to others is the oldest formula used to create a citizen of the world that is kind, loving and contributes positively to the economy. We then add technology to the mix with our Robotics and Technology classes. This old, but still relevant formula ensures a balanced education without over-stimulation. This is especially relevant and important for children in primary school.


Play + Learning + Technology

= Well-rounded children

= Happy children with a spirit vested in faith


So now you may ask, why choose Loreto School Queenswood?

To this day we still live, breathe and practise the pioneering spirit of our foundress, Mary Ward. We educate children and instill in them our values. Values that do not go out of fashion. Values that are still relevant today!

At Loreto School Queenswood “We Grow Children for Life”. A legacy that we are proud of!

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