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Our value, intention for 2024 is Simplicity

Every year we choose a core value as an intention to guide us throughout the year.

Why do we pick an individual Value each year? We have found that a shared focus on a single value fosters a sense of unity and a common purpose among students, teachers, and the school community. A shared value creates a school culture where the value of the year becomes a lived experience rather than just a concept.

Four small pictures in columns that have represent the following: mindfulness, simplicity, the school logo, a flower and a picture that associates with gratitude.

Embracing Simplicity in 2024

In the 21st century, simplicity as a value is becoming increasingly important amidst the fast-paced, technology-driven world we live in. Simplicity is about finding elegance in the straightforward, embracing clarity over complexity. In a world often crowded with noise and complication, simplicity brings a sense of calmness and ease.

At Loreto School Queenswood we aim to teach simplicity as a value by demonstrating its benefits and integrating it into the daily activities of our Loreto learners.

We hope to lead by example

In the year 2024 our Loreto Educators will try their best to lead by example by showing simplicity in action by simplifying their own life and responsibilities. This will demonstrate to the learners how to prioritize what's essential, declutter workspaces, streamline processes, and focus on meaningful activities. In other words, we hope that our educators will work smarter, not harder. We will also teach time management skills that prioritize tasks and help our learners to focus on what's most important. Our staff will show how simplicity in scheduling and task prioritization leads to more productivity and fulfilment.

A photo about mindfulness

We hope to encourage mindfulness

Our examen allocated time will continue to encourage mindfulness: The examen practices help our learners focus on the present moment. This can lead to greater awareness of what truly matters and reduce the desire for unnecessary complexities. This practice also encourages our learners to reflect on their values, priorities, and goals regularly. It helps them see how simplicity aligns with their aspirations for a fulfilling life.

Simplicity is...striving for clarity in communication

This value of focus will be integrated into our language subjects by focusing on the emphasis on clarity in communication: We will strive to teach the importance of clear and concise communication. We will model how simplicity in language and presentation can enhance understanding and connection. We will also discuss and debate stories of role models who have embraced simplicity and achieved success or contentment as a result.

Simplicity is... teaching our Children About the intention of minimalism and to practice gratitude

Our Religious Education Department will focus on the promotion of minimalism: Discussions on the philosophy of minimalism and its benefits will take place during LO/RE and our learners will be encouraged to evaluate their possessions by donating items they no longer need to the school’s outreach program. This will also allow for the practice of gratitude. Learners will be encouraged to appreciate what they have, which in turn reduces the urge for excess and unnecessary goods.

Simplicity is within problem-solving as well

Within mathematics and sciences, the aim is to provide our learners with skills to simplify problem-solving: To teach problem-solving techniques that emphasize breaking down complex issues into smaller, manageable parts and to highlight the effectiveness of simplicity in finding solutions.


"The Loreto School Queenswood Education aims to provide your child with a holistic education. This year, it will be incorporated within the theme of Simplicity"


Simplicity in the 21st century is about navigating complexity by focusing on what is essential, creating user-friendly experiences, promoting sustainability, and enhancing overall well-being in a rapidly changing world. By incorporating these practices into teaching and daily interactions with our learners, one can help the greater Loreto family to appreciate and adopt simplicity as a value in their lives.

A photo that represents simplicity.

Author: Wendy Freitas

Editor and Content Creator: Thabs Sherillyn Nyamane

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